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Tips on beating the heat this summer in Perth November 3, 2017

Perth is on Australia’s westernmost coast and is the capital of Western Australia. It lies in the tropics zone and is quite a nice and warm city. With spring in full swing, it’s time that we prepare for the summers and beat the summer heat in many effective ways than ever. Click here to get Golights discount codes.

Here are some tips you should consider:

1). Paint your home in light colours

Paint your home in light summer colours in order to ward off the heat. Try changing the covers of sofas, beds, cushions and other furniture with those of lighter shades and colours. Make use of light curtains and allow the light to enter the house whilst keeping the heat at bay.

2). Have the fans and A.Cs repaired on time

We just got off from a long winter and it’s time we check the fans. The A.Cs should be in running condition and clean out the filters as well as repair the capacitors as well. When it comes to fans, check their regulators and capacitors, & ensure their speed is right before you have to endure the first few days in sweltering humid conditions under a slow fan.

3). Buy portable & table fans and place them where needed

There are no power outages but if you are working on fixing a pavement, gardening, working in the garage or the attic, or any other place without a fan: we suggest you buy portable fans and keep them with yourself. If you’re going somewhere and you got a flat tire, you need a table fan to help cool you off in the Western Australian heat.

4). Place pedestal fans at vantage points

In the patio, place pedestal fans at vantage points where everyone can receive the ventilation and won’t have to feel the heat. Pedestal fans are critical and can help beat off the humidity as well.

Now that you’ve got the tips, where would you like to get your fans from? If you signed up for Go Lights Promo Codes then you are in luck. You should sign up for them to get the best deals on fans and fans accessories this summer.

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