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Why the best deals on skater shoes make Vans the best in this regard November 1, 2017

Australia has its own brands of skater shoes and Australians like skateboarding as well. Skater shoes are also good for casual wear: for a casual outing in the area and for a casual evening as well. Nike Cole Haan works well with Australians and is definitely a great brand but there is one brand that instils a sense of being a ‘proud Aussie’, a brand that also produces footwear that competes with the likes of Converse, Nike Cole Haan and that brand is none other than our very own ‘Vans’. Vans promo codes are one of the best things to have in the market especially if you are a repeat buyer of this great footwear. I’ll explain you why I love such. Get to know more abut Vans promo code at

My job at the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) as a media planner allows me to wear casual wear sometimes which makes my days more relaxed. Since my routine can involve a few late sittings, my supervisor has allowed me to be relaxed and casual in dressing and lets me know when to wear formal in case of a client visit. The dress code is relaxed and I have been wearing my favourite Converse Chuck Taylor shoes until came the day my supervisor introduced me to ‘Vans’. Now Vans has become my new favourite: their designs are more urban and relaxed, they feel comfortable and signing up for discounts on their website has allowed to buy another pair at a great price.

What’s even more heartening is that Vans also has gift vouchers and through them I’ve been able to gift my girlfriend a pair of Vans shoes which she certainly loves. The designs of Vans are appealing and are good for casual outings as well.

Vans is a blessing for Australians and its shoes are perfectly designed for the Urban Australian. Vans has managed to blend new designs and old school ideas into the best crafted shoes. What’s even more heartening are their discount and gift offers.

For the best gift and the best gift of shoes, I would like to give my deepest gratitude to Vans.

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